The Ultimate Workout Shirt


Crafted for Performance

We got sick of $100 tech shirts, and decided to step in. 8 months of research and development + partnering with the top seamless manufacturers in the industry, led us to product the last performance shirt you’ll need.

Sweat Wicking icon

Sweat Wicking

Micro-ventilation holes built into a specialized fabric blend, release sweat and humidity from the inside out.

Bio-Mapped Ventilation icon

Bio-Mapped Ventilation

The micro-ventilation pattern within the fabric has been placed in specific areas where the human body sweats the most.

Odor Resistant icon

Odor Resistant

Stategically placed ventilation allows air to circulate through the fabric, releasing humidity and odor from the inside out.

Four Way Stretch icon

Four Way Stretch

The seamless knitting procedure, combined with a carefully selected custom material blend, creates a full four-way stretch for maximum durability.

3D machine icon

Designed on Innovation

The 3D KNITTED™ performance line is crafted using the highest available technology in garment manufacturing. Continuing to utilize this innovative technology will provide an evolution and perfection of sportswear.

Sizing Guide

Chest Measurement



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